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We believe healing begins with self-study, healthy habits, thought & feeling awareness, support, and accountability. Through these practices being paired with your educator coaching you in self-reflection, self-discipline, and self-love, you can obtain self-control. We mix it all together for you to receive an enhanced quality of life.

We offer different programs for children, 1:1 coaching sessions for teenagers and adults, personalized yoga and meditation integration plans, holistic nutrition plans, and human design discovery.

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Mindful Minds for Kids 

Imagine being taught how to be aware of your thoughts, understand your feelings, to achieve better self-control as a child? These last few years have been tough on all of us. This program is to educate your child on how to integrate a mindful lifestyle. They will learn coping strategies, self-awareness, and self-control to help them manage their personal distractions, stresses, and fears.

Learn more about our program and how to enroll.


Holistic Nutrition

Are you looking to nourish your body with more whole and simple food choices? Maybe you feel you want to reduce your toxicity intake to support your mental wellness?

Learn more about our nutrition coaching & packages.

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Human Design

What makes you unique? What drives your soul forward? What is the correct way for you to make decisions? What are you here to do and how are you designed to do it? These answers and so much more are revealed through Human Design.  

Learn more about how you can receive deep insights into who you are and what you’re here to do.

Our Team of Alternative Health Practitioners

Our team of alternative healers are committed to providing you with quality guidance and support in your own home or through virtual video communication. At Unity Shapes, our mission is to help our clients heal and find union within themselves.

We teach our students the practices that have helped us in our own healing journey. We believe that every human is born a healer, and we're here to hold space for you and guide you until you awaken your own inner healer.





Yogic Lifestyle Coach

Founder, Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Sandra Mallette

    Founder, Certified Yoga Instructor

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Holistic Nutritionist


  • Saralynn Hirsimaki

    Holistic Nutritionist, CNP


Certified Human Design Coach

  • Taylor Hunter

    Certified Human Design Reader 

"I highly recommend Sandra and Unity Shapes Yoga. I have had sessions myself and thoroughly enjoyed them. It was both a mentally relaxing and physically restoring experience. My son also has had instruction from Sandra and we noticed immediate results in his focus and self regulation when facing a problem or difficult experience. If you are looking to incorporate yoga into your life look no further than Unity Shapes Yoga."

Diane Gouchie

"Mindful Minds is a wonderful program for children of all ages. My daughter has really benefited from the techniques and the tools that are provided. I have noticed a change for the better in my child's anxiety and what was once a fear of just her emotions. Learning the proper way to meditate and being reassured not just by my husband or myself, Sandra has become a great mentor for my child. My child looks forward to seeing her and learning more about herself and ways to cope. I really recommend this course for any parent that like myself is just unsure about how to help their child with anxiety."

Julie Smith

I cannot say enough great things about "Sandra! I have done yoga for many years, at various studios with wonderful instructors. However, nothing compares to what Sandra has to offer. Not only is she knowledgeable, helpful and thorough; she is friendly, warm, and a general joy to be around - You sense this during your practice! Looking forward to my future yoga classes with Sandra! ❤️ Sudbury is lucky to have this gem of a yoga instructor!"

Manon Landry

"This workshop was amazing! I found it very inspiring and personal. Perfect for anyone looking to move forward with their self-growth and their fitness level. The instructor Sandra Mallette is very knowledgeable and passionate about the practice. I highly recommend attending any future workshops! No need to be an expert at Yoga I'm a beginner and I left feeling totally like a new me! Thanks, Sandra 😊 I look forward to attending many more."

Nicole Jameus


We honor the body, mind, and spirit's natural wisdom to heal. We believe that all humans were born healers, and healing seekers need a unique path to achieve health.  Our mission is to provide you with a personalized healing path to lead you to heal while keeping you accountable with continuous support along your personalized healing journey. You will heal yourself, as you have always done, we will teach you the practices. We lead our students to their Dharma: their soul's destiny, enabling them to live in Kriya: your natural flow of life. When you are living your soul's purpose, you are living in bliss. When you are living in bliss, you are living in health.


The goal of yoga is to control your mind and bring unity to mind-body-spirit. We incorporate nutrition and human design to better guide you along your journey to Dharma: your soul's purpose. With our help, we see a human race that has better control over their minds, a consequence of achieving this is a world with less violence. We vision all shapes of beings in union with themselves, content in their surroundings because we’ve helped them find their inner-bliss. We hope to help as many willing and ready humans to trade their pain for Dharma.


We value our members feeling safe, supported, and motivate throughout their journey to health. Healing is a result of the practices, services, and classes we provide through Unity Shapes. We are committed to personalizing the healing journey to our students and members individual needs, valuing each member as an unique being seeking to feel their healthiest and happiest.

Healing isn’t a magical pill. It is permission to step back from whatever chaos is happening and see the soul of who you are.