What makes us unique?

Our vision is to educate our students to become independent in their practice of alternative healing education. To guide, coach, and educate their minds, bodies, and spirits into union and their truth.

Our mission is to integrate healthy habits using Eastern alternative healing practices and Western science into our students' lifestyles, enabling them to continue their practice with ease and effectiveness upon completing their program.




Our Values

Helping heal our students by coaching them based on their individual needs, goals, and levels. Offering personalized efforts, compassionate listening, and encouragement when needed.

Considering mind-body-spirit in our students' guidance, coaching, and education. We see the human spirit as the missing component in human health.

All services are personalized, and all programs are individualized. Encouraging you to be yourself and holding space for you as you transform.

Offering the right amount of support to our students/clients while they integrate their healthy habits and information. Being extra is understood, and extra support is available!


Where did Unity Shapes from...

Sandra Mallette is the founder of Unity Shapes. Developed in 2018, Sandra created Unity Shapes to serve her life's purpose - providing alternative health and wellness to unite minds, bodies, and spirits with the goal of achieving inner-bliss.

She bought a one-way ticket to Italy in 2016. After working many side jobs in Europe and Asia, living in Ashrams in India, observing many different cultures; she came home fourteen months later on a one-way from teaching Language and Phonics in Thailand, with a mission to start an alternative school. The kind of education she needed as a child.

Sandra created Awakening before returning to India to achieve her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. An event raising funds to donate to a Peace and Non-Violent school Sandra was helping develop in Nagpur, India. After graduating from Yoga school, Sandra continued her studies in meditation. Traveling to Bodh-Gaya, India, for a 10-day Vipassana course.

Returning to Sudbury, imposture syndrome was disturbing her confidence in teaching at a studio in front of so many students. She chose to teach 100 hours of karma yoga to students 1:1 in their homes. Thanking what was once insecurity, she saw Unity Shapes.

At the time Sandra was running a respite care service through Children’s Community Network working with children in different areas of the Autism spectrum. After being harassed by one of her clients' siblings, Sandra had to take a pause to heal. This was the push she needed to pursue Unity Shapes. She started providing her one-on-one yogic services to individuals who were too anxious, busy, or well-known to feel comfortable learning alternative healing practices in a public studio. She would provide her services in the students' homes, driving to them, and holding them accountable to their practice.

After Covid-19 affected the opportunities of Unity Shapes, Sandra was back on the drawing board as to how to keep her business alive. With the government presenting Unity Shapes and Sandra’s livelihood being unessential, she saw Mindful Minds for kids.

She developed the 12-week program, journal, and recorded meditations. Signed up students from her trusting community, witnessing 100% of her students gain more control over their minds. All parents reported Mindful Minds helping their child with stress, fear, anger, frustration, confidence, focus, or a mix.

She took her pre-Covid business model and re-developed it into what it was meant to be—an online alternative to education and wellness.

Keep supporting Unity Shapes, and stay tuned - there is much more to come!