Local Pop-Up Programs

Come together to move, breathe, meditate,
and optimize the mind-body-spirit connection.

Heal From Home

We remove showing up from the equation to make healing as convenient as possible by offering virtual, bespoke practices. Get closer to balance, health, and bliss.

Unity Shapes uses a bio-psycho-social model of health to support the magic powers of habit and awareness. We'll design your action plan together, so you start the practices that lead your healthiest, happiest self. You'll learn how to rewire your neural pathways to heal yourself while we hold space for you to awaken your inner healer. 

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Yogic Lifestyle 

Yoga's ultimate goal is to harmonize the mind-body-spirit. The result of this practice is bliss.

Our virtual personalized yogic practices are designed to support, guide, and teach you how to benefit most from your lifestyle, goals, and values. This can include movement, breath work, meditation, mindfulness, mental health coaching, lifestyle assessment, and behavioural habit changes.

Learn more about our classes, memberships, and packages.


Holistic Nutrition

Physical and mental wellness must be supported with a nourishing diet that's easy to implement and stick with.

Learn more about our nutrition coaching & packages.

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Human Design

What makes you unique? What drives your soul forward? How should you make decisions? What are you here to do and how are you designed to do it? Human design reveals your answers and so much more.

Learn more about how you can receive deep insights into who you are and what you’re here to do.

Tired of feeling tired? Let’s see what’s going on inside.

Free 30 minute consultations with Sandra until June 1st, 2021.

Our Team of Alternative Health Practitioners

By practicing within the comfort and safety of your own home, we remove the barriers of nerves, social anxiety, busy schedules, or anything in-between. This allows you to focus solely on your practice. 

Our team of alternative healers is committed to providing you with quality guidance and support in your own home or through virtual video communication. At Unity Shapes, our mission is to help our clients heal and find union within themselves.

We teach our students the practices that have helped us in our own healing journey. All of our healers at Unity Shapes have battled with mental health and have found practices to overcome our challenges. We believe that every human is born a healer, let us show you how.


Yogic Lifestyle Coach

Founder, Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Sandra Mallette

    Founder, Certified Yoga Instructor

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Holistic Nutritionist


  • Saralynn Hirsimaki

    Holistic Nutritionist, CNP


Certified Human Design Coach

  • Taylor Hunter

    Certified Human Design Reader 

We teach our students the practices that have helped us in our own healing journey. All of our healers at Unity Shapes have battled mental health and found practices to overcome our challenges. We believe that every human is born a healer, let us show you how.

"Sandra is an amazing instructor dedicated to helping shape your mind and body! Her knowledge and kind spirit create a welcoming environment for beginners and people looking to take their practice to a new level. She will go the extra mile for her clients by providing personal in-home practices based on the client’s individual needs."


"Incorporating yoga into my weekly routine has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have been working with Sandra for several months now and the progress I have made during this time has been incredible. Aside from the obvious physical benefits my overall well-being has also greatly improved. My body is happier when I am doing yoga."


"Sandra led a semi-private class for a group of mamas at my home. We split the class among the 4 of us so it was both affordable and personalized to our needs. Whether we needed a relaxing class or something more challenging – Sandra was able to give us both. I highly recommend Sandra to fellow mamas or busy professionals!"


"Sandra is an excellent teacher that fine tunes your private lessons to achieve your specific goals. She is very engaged and helps you learn proper form for all your poses during your practice, I highly recommend!"


"Sandra goes above and beyond. Every practice Sandra has led me through has left me feeling grounded and wanting more! Sandra allows me to get into a calm place and having her come to my home allows me to commit whole-heartedly to my practice. No more excuses due to my busy schedule!"



We honor your body, mind, spirit, energies, and natural capacities to heal. All humans are born healers. Our mission is to provide you with convenient, reliable, and scientifically proven ways to heal yourself.

- Sandra Mallette, Founder


We see a humanity with mastery over their minds. After all, the goal of yoga is to control your mind and bring unity to self. We envision all shapes in harmony with themselves; at peace, no matter their surroundings. We hope to help as many able and willing humans to release their pain by guiding them onto their soul’s true path; into their Dharma.


We value our safe and supportive environment for you yogic healing journey. Bliss results from the practices, services, and classes we provide here at Unity Shapes. We commit to personalizing the healing journey to your unique needs and preferences.

Healing isn’t a magical pill. It is permission to step back from whatever chaos is happening and see the soul of who you are.