Sandra Mallette

Spiritual & Mental Health Program Developer, Unity Coach, Children's Educator

Sandra has a unique way of connecting with people. A compassionate empath, her knowledge of seven years of studying widely diverse topics of alternative health, ten years working with children, and five years of experience as a self-ran respite care provider gifts her to follow her natural intuition allowing Sandra to guide her students in their journey of re-connecting with mind-body-spirit, creating programs to coach, mentor, and guide them along the way.

She created the light of Unity Shapes from battling her personal darkness.

After working in child and respite care for four years, 22-year-old Sandra went on a quest to find her life purpose. 

Uniting her mind, body, and spirit, she was able to achieve safety, love, and compassion in and for herself. She realized her Dharma (life purpose) was to help teach others how to accomplish this within themselves, giving people the opportunities of alternative solutions to wellness and education that she needed. Sandra believes that if we all became the adults we needed as children, the world would be brighter. Conventional systems have rarely benefited or worked for Sandra; education, health, justice, etc. She dreams of giving children an alternative option to education and health. 

“These systems rarely serve the human spirit. Processed foods, stagnant water, and high-stress lifestyles are making us sick and the answer does not have to be synthetic drugs. I’ve personally experienced how healthy habit integrations can improve a humans quality of life. This is my purpose; to help heal others through the practices I know unite mind-body-spirit. What’s lovely is that the habits are free to practice once you’ve learned them. My goal is to have you complete your service or program knowing how to continue your healing journey indepently”

Sandra is currently completing her Integrative Health Coaching program at Nickerson Institute, as a Mental Health Coach.